Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Who gives this woman...

I guess you could say that I haven't exactly fallen head first into the blogging world whole heartedly... too busy, too distracted, too something every day. I have been in wedding mother mode for almost 3 years and loved almost every minute so there are stories to tell and pictures to show. "Who gives this woman....", I think that must have been us!

I will do better. I will let the things that make my head too full come tumbling out onto the page. I will write about the details of the things I've done, the things I'm doing and the things that have happened and the things that I hope don't happen. Stay tuned...


  1. u would love the raw food we make!!!!! dont judge us!!! its not what it sounds like. you are teh best wedding mother ive ever known. i covet your computer skills as a mom. my mom is making a big deal about buying a washer/dryer with buttons instead of KNOBS!!!!!!!!!!!! (big deal right? haha) i told her if she wanted any relationship with lyla she needs to buy the dryer/washer with the buttons and not the knobs and join the 21st century!

  2. hahahaha, I can totally relate to your mom about the knobs because I just went through the same thing a few months back AND I have to side with Jana on this one, lol, because I bought the one with KNOBS... however, as a credit to my coolness, I did find what i think is the only RED washer and dryer that has knobs instead of buttons and doesn't sit upright like a television or something! She needs to come see mine... big fun.

  3. You know those buttons go out from over use! They did on my microwave! So knobs aren't bad. So glad you are posting on your blog again! I love keeping up with everyone on here. It can be so addicting! Don't guess we can get Dottie to do this! ha